ATHENA is a WEB based document management system handling multidisciplinary operative/production documents together with multimedia items accessed from different sources but related together by contents and context.

  • Traditional Approach…

    Documents coming from different places, in different formats, are analyzed and handled in a not coordinate way, with the risk to have misalignments in their contents. Documents collect the various source of information without the guarantee to present updated information.

  • New Approach…

    All the documents, operating procedures, process/plant descriptions and technical documents can be easily accessed and related each other. Correlations between documents are automatically implemented by the application through keywords.

    In this way each master document can be stored, handled and updated independently by others and the correlations among documents allow to have a complex documentation system always updated.

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  • Modules…

    ATHENA consists of two main modules both interfaced with the application database.

    • Viewer Module for the multimedia access to the documental system contents.

    This module allows to view and consult the entire documentation system consisting on text documents, drawings, photos, audio and audio-video files, navigating with keyword and through the browser; also printing functions are available. The main feature of Viewer Module is the advanced and innovative “Virtual Web Desktop” reproducing in a web environment the classical icon-based desktop used by the most common operative systems.

    • Builder Module for the development, administration and maintenance of the system.

    This module allows the development, maintenance and administration of the documentation system. An HTML editor “MS Word-like” is available, with an easy import functionality from various sources and formats (MS Office, PDF, etc.) inside HTML format.

    Builder module organizes all the documentation in a hierarchical tree such as process units with associated equipments and components. Tag keywords and links among documents are stored in the database.

    Builder module also handles login access control, through different access levels, providing track changes control and managing documentation versioning.

  • Functionalities…

    • Document structure inspection
    • Indexed contents
    • Links between document components (data, drawings, photos, etc.)
    • Document printout
    • Links with external systems
    • Ad hoc document queries and searches
    • Flow charting of process operations
  • Advantages…

    In the following are highlighted the advantages of the approach of the proposed system, in comparison with the standard technology:

    • No duplication of information (no risk of misalignment of data) ensuring consistency
    • Information and data availability to all the departments of a Company
    • Automatic generation of Hyperlinks between documentation
    • No need to know where data are physically stored
    • Ease of maintenance and updating
    • Immediate availability of documentation in the last updated official version
    • Tracking of modifications and versioning capabilities
    • Integration with existing external document systems (for example document systems specialized in project documentation to be interfaced with this system specialized in operational documentation)