PMES® is an application built around customer needs that allows real-time Process and Utilities variables monitoring, KPI calculation related to single machinery, plant sections or whole plants, Mass Balance calculation related to plant areas or whole plants and Energy Balance related to Plant utilities sections.

  • Why...

    Daily challenges in the process industry market require a growing skill in adapting choices to a continuous set of changes in products and raw materials.

    Feed characteristics, prices, plant availability, products’ requests are considered as critical factors, as they change more and more often and this change requires a stronger effort to identfy the optimal plant operative attitude.

  • How...

    The only way to achieve this goal is to constantly work on Plants and Utilities by:

    • monitoring process variables
    • evaluating and analyzing KPIs
  • Targets...

    These tools provide the chance to the Customer to react in the fastest and cheapest way to any context change.

    PMES® results allow two different types of evaluations:

    • Short term evaluations – usually exploited by continuous process daily managers to optimize production
    • Long term evaluations – result as helpful instruments to personnel designed as production planners
  • Benefits...

    • Easy to configure freccetta-blu Device Tags and fuel composition often result as the only necessary data
    • Typical machinery KPI characterization freccetta-blu Built-in calculations drastically reduce Process engineers time effort
    • Calculation Libraries expansibility freccetta-blu The Customer can integrate its own know-how
    • Easy integration with site MIS freccetta-blu Fast online content output result in a real-time KPI update