Engineering & Production

In the complex reality of automation technology, Uniesse Novachem offers a complete program of consulting and technical assistance. In order to guarantee choices of maximum productivity and profitability, our Company is able to manage global projects and/or parts of them for the implementation of automation systems and process control, including:

  • Consulting Services and Feasibility Analysis
  • Basic Engineering (process analysis, instrument definition and sizing, P&I diagrams definition, etc.)
  • Electrical and Instrumental Detailed Engineering
    1. Distribution and command electrical panels and plants engineering
    2. Traditional and field bus control systems and instrumental plants engineering
    3. Support for the specifications achievement and system validation in accordance with GAMP directives
  • Project Management

Implementation Activities

  • Instrumentation Plants (sensors, actuators, field nets, etc.)
  • Electrical Plants (control, distribution, services)
  • Control Panels
  • Control Systems Cabinets
  • MT/BT Distribution Cabinets
  • MCC Command Cabinets