Plant Information Systems

Plant Information Systems cover the area between the automation and the management information systems. Their goal is mainly to gather the great deal of live data coming from the plant, transforming them into useful information, readily available and specific for the different management and business functions, in order to evaluate the performance of the plants. Uniesse Novachem has been involved on the most used informative platforms. The services proposed in this area are:

  • Production Information Systems Configuration
  • Information System Monitoring Applications Implementation
  • Information System MMI development
  • Informative Systems Interface with computational applications, LIMS and other data sources
  • Plant or Site wide Data Reconciliation Model identification through process study and configuration of the model on a dedicated platform
  • KPI process identification and on-line implementation on an informative platform

Uniesse Novachem has developed a wide experience related to Production Information Systems projects, especially concerning Plant Data Reconciliation and equipment and plant KPI evaluation.

Data Reconciliation and Plant balance

Reconciliation of raw data proceeds through the application of mass and energy balances and the use of statistical techniques.

Reconciled data are more reliable and consistent, allowing the matching of the plant and site material balances, so that they can be used for technical and economic analysis.

Uniesse Novachem has developed reconciliation applications at plant or site level, on the most used industrial platforms.

Production performance evaluation

Uniesse Novachem has developed solutions to monitor plant technical and economic performance based on KPI, using the proprietary software package PMES and also with custom applications in order to fit the client requirements.